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Cultural Differences

What's So Different About the French?

Vive la différenceThere are actually some interesting differences in French and American culture, as every traveler to France has probably experienced personally. Understanding something about the differences between these two cultures will help the American in Paris to better appreciate the French point of view. And this appreciation can lead to a richer stay in the French capital.

At the very least, this ebook will help the American in Paris to be a nice American in Paris.

The nuances of French culture revealed in the Paris Central ebook, Cultural Differences, will undoubtedly lead to a few "ah-ha" moments for Americans. And seeing things from the French point of view will help explain some strange encounters the American visitor may have had. Cultural Differences will give the reader some useful insights on what separates and what unifies French and American cultures.

Written by Paris Central's own expert guide and native Parisian, Pascale Theurier, this little ebook is guaranteed to amuse. And to provide the reader with a wise Frenchwoman's insight into the perplexing habits of Americans and the French.

Click to download a pdf of Cultural Differences.